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Think traffic on Mopac is bad now?  Imagine adding 30,000 more car trips per day!

Take a minute to consider how building an “Outer Loop” would impact Mopac and the region.

Currently, Mopac functions as a local commuter highway. All of that changes if the southern end of Mopac is connected to FM 1626 and I-35 by way of the proposed “State Highway 45 Southwest.” SH 45 SW, a remnant of TxDOT’s ill-conceived “Outer Loop” around Austin, is the last we thing we need to spend local money on.

Building out SH 45 SW as a non-tolled highway connecting to I-35 would put another 30,000 cars on Mopac every day, according to an estimate from the regional transportation planners.

Linking South Mopac to FM 1626 and I-35 via an “outer loop” around Austin hurts every single current Mopac commuter. Only developers and some commuters in Hays County and long-distance haulers will see any significant benefit. Their gain will be our pain . . . and we get to pay for it!

Making the “loop” on South Mopac means exposing neighborhoods to increased pollution and traffic. Paving the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. Putting a highway through significant caves and endangered species habitat. Enabling sprawl development that will reduce available water supplies and open space. And robbing limited transportation funds from much higher priority local transportation needs.

Just say No Thank You! to an Outer Loop for Mopac.

Send one message today
to Austin and Travis County officials and tell them to protect Mopac commuters, Mopac corridor neighborhoods, and the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. Tell your friends and family to do the same.

Mopac was built for Austin commuters.
Let’s keep it that way!




October 2014 Update

“If you connect Mopac over to Interstate 35 by building SH 45 Southwest, traffic on Mopac blows up.”    --Mike Brown, transportation engineer, Metro Analytics

(For the fun part, go straight to our new, short videos of transportation engineer Mike Brown talking about what building SH45 SW would do to Mopac traffic, and of rainfall runoff flowing into the spectacular Flint Ridge Cave. TxDOT and Travis County have a legal obligation to protect Flint Ridge Cave as a preserve, yet the proposed road would pass directly above the cave and cut through the bowl that drains to the mouth of the cave.)

Here’s a more detailed summary of where we are as of late October 2014:

In October, 45SW proponents pushed to tie up $15 million in non-voter approved Travis Co. debt for the proposed 45SW aquifer toll road before a new Commissioner’s Court takes office in January. 

But otherwise, the project – and the larger 45SW / expanded Mopac loop – faces growing public opposition and legal hurdles. The toll road authority (CTRMA) and TxDOT hope to gain approvals for the project in early 2015 and initiate construction in late 2015, but that plan seems less likely every day.


July 2014 Update

Public Comment / Public Hearing on draft Environmental Impact Statement for 45SW

TxDOT and CTRMA are hosting a public hearing at Bowie High School at 5:00 PM on Tuesday July 29th to take public comment on their draft Environmental Impact Statement for 45SW. Written comments will be accepted through August 13th. Get more details here and please speak out.

News Updates - TxDOT’s current schedule for the 45SW aquifer toll road would have the environmental review and public comment process completed by January / February 2015, with construction beginning in September / October 2015. As explained below, there are plenty of others working to stop this waste of $100 million of taxpayer funds.


Mike Brown on SH45

Mike Brown of Metro Analytics tells the truth about SH45.                  view larger

In the News

Flint Ridge Cave Recharge

Video showing the Flint Ridge Cave recharge feature.               view larger

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