“Think traffic on Mopac is bad now, imagine 50,000 more cars per day once SH45 SW is built”

Is this what Austin needs? We don't think so.

Don’t be fooled. Stop 45 SW and the conversion of Mopac into a second I-35!

State highway planners are trying to pull a fast one on Austin. At different times they talk to the public about five separate toll projects in southwest Austin, but they rarely connect the dots. The reality will be a massive 12-to-16 lane, partially tolled highway loop from I-35 south of Austin west to Mopac and north to Lady Bird Lake and beyond.


Once it’s completed, and the traffic floodgates open, we can kiss Austin’s quality of life goodbye. As traffic expert Mike Brown says, if South Mopac is connected to I-35 by constructing the proposed SH 45 SW, then traffic on Mopac will “explode” and you simply cannot add enough lanes to Mopac to accommodate all of the traffic. (continue reading here)

November Update - What you can do!

1. File an official comment by Nov. 20th here.
2. Have your neighborhood or civic group pass a Keep Mopac Local resolution like this one.
3. Donate to support the Keep Mopac Local coalition – fully tax-deductible.

CTRMA keeps pushing its piecemeal plan to convert Mopac into a partially tolled I-35 west alternative. They want us to choose between six different toll lane expansions, but we want a better, toll free option. The Keep Mopac Local coalition opposing this effort continues to expand, with supporting resolutions recently approved by Old West Austin, Maple Run, and Dear Park neighborhood associations as well as the West Austin Neighborhood Group.

Over 200 people attended a community forum at Austin High School on Monday, November 9th sponsored by Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea and Keep Mopac Local. Austin High School Principal Amy Taylor gave a clear statement on how none of the six toll lane choices protect Austin High and the Austin High Community from a range of safety, noise, property encroachment, and ingress/egress problems.

Most of those attending completed comment letters joining in our requests to TxDOT and CTRMA to “study all of it before building any of it;” pursue non-tolled, affordable, rush hour HOV lanes for Mopac now; and make the SH 130 bypass free so that it will serve the I-35 bypass function that was intended when it was built. In other words, “We choose none of the above,” and demand there be options that make traffic better, not worse, and that protect Austin High and our most cherished and iconic park lands, springs, and river.

A new organization with an online petition for a “toll free Austin” announced its presence at the Monday meeting. We look forward to working with Toll Free Austin representatives challenge the idea that toll roads are a good investment for our community.

For more information: Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October Update

Be there! -- Community Meeting, Monday Nov. 9, Austin High School, 6 – 8 p.m.

Be there! -- CTRMA Open House on Mopac South, Tuesday Nov. 10, Palmer Events Center

Please plan to attend both of these meetings; in the interim please send an updated message to our local officials here.

Meanwhile, legal, financial, and political road blocks are mounting for the SH 45SW/South Mopac tolled loop while the Keep Mopac Local coalition continues to expand. The Zilker Neighborhood Association signed on to the coalition in September and made significant contributions to the effort, along with Save Barton Creek Association.

CTRMA has delayed its planned construction start for SH 45 SW, Phase I to the middle of next year (2016). The Mopac South environmental review process has been pushed back to conclude in the summer of 2016, with construction some time after that. Officially, the timeline for the so-called “Mopac Intersections” project is somewhere between the two. (continue reading)

Future View

Proposed toll loop showing three segments of proposed Mopac toll lanes (1,2,3) and two segments of proposed SH 45 SW toll road (4 and 5) and interim "alternative" loop, expansion of FM 1626.

Mike Brown on SH45

Mike Brown of Metro Analytics tells the truth about SH45.

Brigid Shea

Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea.

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington, Texas Civil Rights Project Executive Director.

Attorney Marisa Perales

Attorney Marisa Perales.

Clark Richards

Clark Richards, son of the late Governor Ann Richards.

Flint Ridge Cave Recharge

Video showing the Flint Ridge Cave recharge feature.


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