May Update

On Monday May 11th, our transportation deciders, the "CAMPO" board, voted 19-0-1 to approve a $35 billion "Long Range Plan" for the Austin five county region. Thanks go to Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt for at least abstaining and refusing to support this wasteful road map to failure. CAMPO and TxDOT's own experts admit that the plan will lead to worse congestion in the future, despite billions in new construction, much of it slated for building toll roads and adding toll lanes to existing highways.

Thanks also go to Austin Council member Ann Kitchen for putting language into the so-called "2040 plan" directing that ongoing Mopac studies evaluate options that would improve traffic flow without building four (4) toll lanes and a double-decker bridge over Lady Bird Lake.

Despite over 2000 letters, emails, and petition signatures, the 2040 plan also includes the proposed conversion of Mopac into Interstate 35 by way of building the SH 45 SW toll road. We don't know why City of Austin and Travis County representatives who campaigned against SH 45 SW and the expanded Mopac toll loop voted for the final 2040 plan.

This is just another step in a larger and longer battle over the 45SW/Mopac toll loop project. Thanks to CTRMA's proposed double-decker bridge monstrosity, voters and community leaders are waking up to the toll agency's push to convert Mopac into Interstate 35 West. This battle will continue in the months and years ahead. Please stay tuned and stay engaged. Read SOS Alliance Executive Director Bill Bunch's guest editorial in the Monday's Statesman here. Together we can win a better, more affordable and more sustainable future for Austin and the Hill Country.

Flint Ridge Cave Recharge

Video showing the Flint Ridge Cave recharge feature.

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