Environmental impact

  • Public Comment / Public Hearing on draft Environmental Impact Statement for 45SW

    TxDOT and CTRMA are hosting a public hearing at Bowie High School at 5:00 PM on Tuesday July 29th to take public comment on their draft Environmental Impact Statement for 45SW. Written comments will be accepted through August 13th. Get more details here and please speak out.

    News Updates - TxDOT’s current schedule for the 45SW aquifer toll road would have the environmental review and public comment process completed by January / February 2015, with construction beginning in September / October 2015. As explained below, there are plenty of others working to stop this waste of $100 million of taxpayer funds.

  • In the recharge zone, water on the surface travels rapidly underground into the highly-vulnerable Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer. Fractures, voids, sinkholes, and caves are common features in the recharge zone’s “karst” topography and serve as direct conduits to the Aquifer. The area of the recharge zone where SH 45 SW would be located is no exception.sh45 sw karst features 

  • Keeping Mopac Local means protecting community investments in clean water, wildlife habitat, and open space. Over the past decades, citizens and local government have spent countless hours of hard work and hundreds of millions of dollars to protect our water and wildlife against pollution and sprawling development in the Barton Springs watershed.

  • Just tell them “No more traffic on Mopac!”

    You can send in comments now through October 18 at this link. This is only the beginning of a new “state” Environmental Impact Study process, but it is important to tell the CTRMA now that: 1) There is no such thing as a green toll road over the recharge zone for Texas’ most vulnerable aquifer; 2) There should be no more traffic on Mopac (TxDOT’s own analysis shows that if built the road would dump up to 30,000 more cars per day on South Mopac); and 3) Commuters from eastern Hays county should never be diverted to the west, on top of the aquifer and onto an already overcrowded Mopac.

Flint Ridge Cave Recharge

Video showing the Flint Ridge Cave recharge feature.

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