• Most immediately -- Keep Mopac Local supporters are urged to send an email by  May 9th to CAMPO and other local and state officials urging them to oppose including $100 million for SH 45 SW in the 2015 to 2018 CAMPO funding plan. Go to the TAKE ACTION button to send a single email to the relevant officials.

  • The Latest Truths and Mysteries  About Our Least Favorite Proposed Toll Road

    KeepMopacLocal supporters, as well as opponents who want to build “it” now, are generally aware that last September our CAMPO transportation officials announced that the latest traffic modeling for the proposed SH45 SW, contained “errors” and would not be released to the public as promised. CAMPO Board Chair and Hays County Commissioner Will Conley promised to “get to the bottom” of the errors, but there has been no report of his promised investigation.

  • Please take a few minutes to send an email telling our regional transportation officials to delete SH 45 SW from our regional transportation plan. CAMPO is the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the greater Austin region’s federally-mandated transportation board.

    Then attend one of the public hearings this Thursday or next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (Sept 13, 17-19) on the proposed plan amendments. Details on the time and place of these hearings can be found below.

Flint Ridge Cave Recharge

Video showing the Flint Ridge Cave recharge feature.

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